Helping leaders and teams build their capabilities, strengthen relationships, and grow their confidence to change the world

Knowledge Action Growth Coaching partners with values-based, full-hearted, talented leaders who are hungry to grow their leadership and maximize their impact. We provide individual executive coaching, relationship coaching, and team coaching to help you achieve extraordinary and deeply satisfying results that matter.

We believe that

Knowledge + Action = Growth.

Achieving new ways of being, acting, and leading through executive coaching starts with building a robust knowledge of self and awareness of how others experience your leadership. With that information, we’ll take action, co-designing coaching goals and experiments to build the behaviors, skills, and mindsets you need to grow into a more conscious, authentic, and impactful leader.

Why coaching? Why now?

“The progress of the world will call for the best that all of us have to give.”
— Mary McLeod Bethune

The job of an executive has never been more challenging, or more critical. The world is changing faster than ever. 

To be successful, executives must summon the strength, courage, and conviction to lead their teams into the unknown. They must leverage their unique superpowers in new ways to alchemize challenges into opportunities.

A high-quality coach helps you better understand and use your superpowers to take your performance to the next level. By making the unconscious conscious and then turning what you learn into inspired action, coaching unlocks hidden potential, allowing you to get out of your own way and lead your organization to a significant impact.

Founder and Principal

Having spent more than two decades exploring and experimenting with how to overcome the barriers that often prevent executives from achieving their greatest potential, I have learned a lot about what it takes to figure out your unique style of leadership, tap into your winning formula, and have the lasting impact you truly desire.


Founder and Principal
Knowledge Action Growth Coaching

Stories of Impact

“There’s pre-Kwame coaching and post-Kwame coaching. Since working with Kwame, I have become a more effective communicator, organizational leader, and coach to my team members. Kwame spends the time getting to know you as a person and as a professional. He builds authentic trust to ensure that as he pushes you to become a better leader, you understand that it’s truly because he wants you to win. This level of trust and investment in his clients allows for a transformational experience that it has taken me years to find.”

— Patty Diaz-Andrade
Chief Impact Officer, OneGoal

“As a new leader transitioning from large organizations, Kwame’s experience with similar transitions made his counsel and coaching more relatable. Kwame’s approach to coaching has been candid and flexible, allowing me to navigate the quick pivots of developing a new strategy while balancing my own leadership development. Where I am now versus a year ago is due in part to his guidance.”

Naomi N. Shelton, Chief Executive Officer, National Charter Collaborative

Naomi Shelton

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