Coaching for Executive Representation

Organizations with more diversity at the top tend to achieve better results in terms of performance, productivity, innovation, and profitability.

Coaching For Executive Representation is a year-long, cohort-based leadership accelerator designed to help men of color that are one or two layers removed from the executive level, advance toward executive leadership roles.

Latinx and African-Americans make up 17% and 10% of the labor force, but only 4% and 3% of the executive roles.

African Americans and Latinx individuals are grossly underrepresented in positions of power, and the higher you go, the less represented they are. Yet, organizations with diversity at every level have a leg up, and are ultimately better positioned to effectively meet their business goals.
Equity Infographic

Coaching for Executive Representation doesn’t just help men of color become executive level leaders; it helps their organization achieve their goals.

Is this for you?

Are you:

A Man of Color 

(e.g. Latino, Black/African-American, African, Caribbean, Asian, American Indian or Alaska Native, Middle Eastern, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander)

1-2 Levels removed from the Executive Level of your Organization

Do you:

Work at a Non-Profit or Philanthropic Organization

(e.g. Corporate Foundation, Family Foundation, etc)

Have Aspirations of Executive Level Leadership

Want to “up your game” in the coming year

If you answered yes to these questions, then this Pilot Program might be just what you are looking for.

How it Works

Participants go through a rigorous 360-degree review, executive readiness assessment, and personal effectiveness audit.
Participants receive bi-weekly one-on-one executive coaching.
Participants engage in monthly management and leadership training (including case studies, rigorous practice, and real-life simulations).
A peer learning community provides support and encouragement.
Ongoing support for the executive sponsors of program participants keeps organizations on track to creating environments that foster diversity.


This program will kick off in March 2023 and run through January 2024.
Participants will be required to do 3–5 hours of pre-work before the program begins.

This Program Helps You

Build the skills needed to be a more effective manager and leader.
Cultivate the hard and soft skills needed to be an authentic and conscious leader.
Understand how others perceive you so you can take greater control over your professional brand and better influence others.
Create a more upward-facing career trajectory with achievable mileposts.

Cost and Commitment

Thanks to the generous support of the Bainum Family Foundation, this $20,000 accelerator is being offered for $10,000 to pilot participants.

Participant Commitments


  • Intake survey
  • One-on-one kickoff call
  • Pre-reading and pre-work for kickoff


  • 60-minute bi-weekly coaching engagement
  • 90-minute monthly cohort engagement
  • Between-session experimentation and practice of new tools and skills


  • Post-program survey
  • 18-month follow-up survey

Participating Organization Commitments

The organization that employs each participant will select an executive sponsor to support each participant throughout the duration of the pilot program. Once selected, the executive sponsor attends three one-hour engagements (at the beginning, middle, and end of the year), and provides ongoing support/mentorship to the participant throughout the year.


To apply for this pilot program please complete the application by February 28, 2023.

Or, if you know someone else who would benefit from the program, refer them here.
Donnell Butler
“Thanks to Kwame, I’ve begun to thrive as a non-profit entrepreneur. I hired Kwame in 2022 to help me achieve breakthrough improvement in fundraising and organizational leadership. Kwame listens carefully, synthesizes with remarkable accuracy, provides clear feedback, and offers practice strategies that have helped me to reframe circumstances, leverage my strengths, and enthusiastically embrace my power as a change agent. I always leave our meetings with greater clarity, optimism, and energy. If you’re ready to do the hard work of overcoming a leadership plateau, I highly recommend Kwame Griffith as an executive coach.”

Dr. Donnell Butler, Founder and President, Opportunity College

“Any CEO who is worth their grain in salt knows that supporting, developing, and investing in your executives is one of the greatest levers you have to achieve your organizational vision and mission. And yet, there are very few contractors, professional development providers, or coaches who do this well, and even less who do this well for People of Color or executives with marginalized identities. Kwame is the trick up my sleeve! The people I manage who are on the receiving end of his brilliance are some of my fastest-improving staff because he understands the complexity of what it takes to lead in unparalleled times. I am grateful every single day for his partnership.”

Melissa Connelly, Chief Executive Officer, OneGoal