Individual Leadership Coaching

In today’s world, organizational leaders have increasingly significant, complex, and complicated responsibilities to lead their organizations toward their goals while effectively stewarding precious resources.

We work with clients to help them develop both technical skills (e.g., how to design and lead meetings, share effective feedback, execute performance management, set a vision and direction, etc.) and adaptive/relational skills (e.g., how to communicate more effectively, evolve their leadership presence, lead and manage change, become more aware of and interrupt unhelpful relational patterns, etc.).

This coaching model is designed to help leaders build self-awareness regarding how they are perceived by others, who they are at their best, what conditions enable them to consistently be their best, and their most common liabilities. We then leverage this knowledge to narrowly identify a set of specific, concrete, and achievable coaching goals that will radically propel their leadership forward.

Common Topics

Setting Vision and Direction


Providing Effective Feedback


Decision Making

Time and Energy Management

Performance Management

Overcoming Self-Limiting Habits (E.g., imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and self-doubt)

Conscious and Authentic Leadership

Transforming Team Cultures

Talent Management/ Coaching and Developing Others


While the coaching engagement will be customized to you, it will proceed through three general phases:

Phase 1

Discovery and Goal Setting

  • Getting centered on who you are, where you are strong, how you win, what you aspire for in your leadership, and why this is so important to you.
  • Surfacing the most significant challenges and opportunities in your path to your aspiration.
  • Setting concrete, specific, and assessable goals for our coaching engagement that represent the radical behavior change you desire.

Phase 2

Ongoing Coaching, Experimentation, and Practice

  • Engaging in regular coaching sessions and between session “homework assignments” in which you will experiment with and practice new executive skills, behaviors, tools, and mindsets.
  • Pausing at regular intervals to evaluate progress and adjust course as needed.

Phase 3

Locking in the Change

  • Surface the key insights, tools, behaviors, practices, and conditions that have led to your success throughout our coaching engagement, and determine how to continue to apply them in the future.

Curious to see if this type of coaching might meet your needs?

“Hands down, Kwame is the best coach I’ve ever had. Early in my executive experience, Kwame lent me the generosity and wisdom of his broad experience, while tailoring his style and tactics to my needs and leadership style. He approaches everyone he supports with a strong growth mindset, practicality, and high expectations. He set the bar by which I measure all my other managers and coaches since then.”

Brittany Packnett Cunningham, Activist, Writer & Educator; VP, Social Impact, BET; Host, UNDISTRACTED; Contributor, MSNBC

“I have been working with Kwame for four months and have felt a noticeable shift in how I lead my team, partner with my colleagues and the board, see problems and solutions, and spend my time. Kwame is a coach in the truest sense of the word. He is incredibly dedicated to my success, is always insightful, and pushes me when and where I need it. Any nonprofit executive looking to invest in their professional growth (and willing to do the self-reflective work that Kwame demands) could do no better than working with Kwame Griffith.”

David Henderson, Chief Technology Officer, UpTogether