Leadership Team Coaching

In today’s world, leadership teams have increasingly significant, complex, and complicated responsibilities to lead their organizations toward their goals while effectively stewarding precious resources.

This coaching model helps executive teams recenter themselves on their purpose, develop a shared understanding of their current effectiveness, identify areas of improvement, and move forward more cohesively. Together, team members learn new tools to raise controversial issues in ways that foster learning, extend generosity toward each other, and invent new options that speak to diverse interests, perspectives, and constraints. Ultimately, groups of individuals are transformed into strong and adaptive teams capable of operating effectively in any situation.

Common Topics

Exploration of Invisible Team Dynamics

Individual and Team Decision Making

Team Coaching through a Strategic Planning Process

Team Charter Clarification (Purpose, Goals, Roles, Processes, and Norms)

Improving Trust and Collaboration

Productive Conflict

Change Management

Curious to see if this type of coaching might meet your needs?

Courtney Garcia

“Our leadership team had identified the need to step into the next level of performance as a collective unit. We engaged with Kwame in a rigorous process of 360-degree reflection and assessment, setting coaching goals as a leadership team, training on powerful new tools he brought to our work, and practicing putting our new tools into action. Thanks to Kwame’s exceptional support, we are well on our journey to becoming a far stronger, more cohesive, and higher-impact leadership team in service of our mission.”

— Courtney Garcia
Chief Executive Officer, The Primary School

“Working with Kwame has been one of the most powerful catalysts for figuring out my ‘Leader 2.0’ self. He has also provided support for our executive team in a way that has caused us to both embrace and examine our relationships with one another. Kwame leads by example. His ability to affirm and challenge my mindsets, skills, and beliefs has set the bar for what’s possible.”

Abigail Rockey, Chief Executive Officer, Intrepid College Prep

Abigail Rockey