Relationship Coaching

The quality of the relationships between key leaders often dictates the level of success an organization achieves. Relationship coaching is about working with the people at the top of organizations to build trust and help them bring out the best in each other to achieve the ambitious results that are possible only through teamwork.

This coaching model is designed to bring people together to work on strengthening their relationships. This often includes surfacing their shared and/or competing interests, the assumptions and judgments they are making about each other, the ways they often react to each other, the blind spots they each have about how their actions are impacting others, and how all that ultimately often translates into unhelpful, often trust-damaging, and resentment-inducing relational patterns of which they are largely unaware and can’t seem to escape.

Curious to see if this type of coaching might meet your needs?

Amy Laitinen

“Kwame is part coach, part strategist, part therapist. He somehow managed to cut right to the key issues — the ones I knew I needed to work on, and the ones I didn’t know I needed to work on (and he helped me work on the issues I wanted to work on and the ones I initially resisted). He helped me redefine my relationship to my own leadership and to my team and gave me very concrete tools to take my work to the next level. I am so grateful to have worked with him!!”

— Amy Laitinen
Senior Director for Higher Education, New America